Tailor seamless digital experiences.

Understand shoppers’ needs so you can build digital experiences that not only convert, but also drive efficiencies.

Make shopper obsession your best seller.

Proactively discover friction points.

Whether it's one customer or many, pinpoint where customers are struggling and size the impact.

Drive digital customer empathy.

Understand the customer journey with visibility into your web, mobile app, or in-store kiosk experiences.

Confidently release new features.

Monitor how new releases are performing so product and tech teams can make improvements and fix bugs.

Obtain real-time customer insights.

Avoid backlog delays and get immediate answers to escalation questions with autocaptured data sets.

Why Quantum Metric.

Understand shopper behavior, get faster insights, align internally and save time.

Prioritize conversion and cost saving opportunities.

Autocapture all behavior, identify friction.

More answers, less waiting.

Automated configuration for privacy assurance.


Explore Atlas for retail.

Surface shopper insights, solve potential problems, and create seamless digital experiences fit to your customers.

Calculate the ROI of the digital customer experience.

From undiscovered customer-facing issues on your website or mobile app, to internal frictions in optimizing your digital experience—saving possibilities are everywhere. Fill out this calculator to see the potential for growing revenue and savings.