Keep loyalty on the line with better digital experiences

Grow subscriptions and improve the digital-first experience with a common view of the customer experience.

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Superior insights, stronger connections.

Proactively discover friction points.

Rapidly identify and address conversion blockers in your most important customer journeys.

Enhance self-service and contact center.

Diagnose issues faster and reduce hurdles for a better agent and customer experience.

Turn direct feedback into immediate action.

Connect feedback to friction and instantly size impact across website or mobile app visitors.

Confidently release new features.

Monitor how new releases are performing so product and tech teams can make improvements and fix bugs.

“[Quantum Metric] gives us an idea of pathing that allows us to get closer to the journey and closer to understanding how to engage with our prospects and customers.”

Ajinkya Joglekar
VP of eCommerce at Comcast

“I love being able to jump into the platform and immediately have a pulse on the performance of the site. Additionally, the ability the quantify our opportunities allow our teams to be able to efficiently prioritize initiatives and allocate resources.”

Telecommunications Company