Impress digital policyholders.

Whether it’s request a quote, account sign up, or submit a claim—gain proactive and quantified visibility into why insurance customers struggle in their journey.

Empower digital transformation.

Find out how you can enable your workforce to revolutionize the digital policyholder journey.

Unlock customer-first digitization.

Increase customer acquisition.

Improve customers’ self-service experiences with billing, claims, and policy management.

Increase digital adoption.

Understand why customers drop out of Request a Quote or other acquisition flows.

Reduce call time and volume.

Proactively understand why customers struggle online and resolve friction faster.

Build standout insurance customer experiences.

Digital transformation is top-of-mind for many financial services and insurance companies, yet many are still struggling with simple “blocking and tackling” in digital CX. In this eBook, we share eight paths insurers can take to make exponential gains in the digital insurance journey.

8 Strategies for Customer-centric Digital Experiences eBook Cover

Answer top business questions.

Sales & marketing

  • What is causing customers to fall out of our customer acquisition flows and how much is it costing our business?
  • Why are marketing segments under- or over-converting on specific marketing campaigns?

Customer support

  • Why was a customer unable to complete a payment or policy update online?
  • How many other customers couldn’t login to the mobile app today and which segments did it impact?


  • What did the customer experience when they left us this negative survey feedback?
  • How many other customers were impacted by the same issue described in this survey response?

Support critical initiatives.

Reduce call center costs.

Identify and prioritize drop-offs in the self-service experience to reduce call volume.

Mobile app optimization.

Need better mobile analytics and session replay? Capture 100% of app traffic, securely and with low overhead.

Digital adoption.

Optimize the digital onboarding process and ensure every return visit is seamless.

Learn how Quantum Metric works with top insurers.