IT Operations Teams

Technical teams are the enablers of digital transformation. Be a strategic leader in your organization, drive change, and enable your team to beat your competition, new and old.

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The innovation balance

If you are like most enterprises, searching for bugs and attempting to resolve them is bogging down your team’s resources and time. Technical teams use Quantum Metric to drastically reduce MTTI/MTTR and focus their teams on building the next innovative experience. 

Enable your teams to thrive

Complete DOM capture, co-browsing, resource capture, and API details. A lot of companies have session replay, but Quantum Metric’s approach is different. Patented experience capture allows your engineers to dig into individual sessions and understand the root cause in minutes.

With Quantum Metric we have been able to identify a new category of problems - ones we didn't even know existed. We have surfaced hidden problems, put a value to these problems and have been able to get to the root cause in a linear and structured way.

-Ronnie Varghese | Sr. Director Online & Omnichannel, Seera Group

You know before your customer does

Leverage alerting and proactive opportunity analysis to surface what matters most, in real-time. Quantum Metric quantifies every bit of user struggle, allowing your team to prioritize what matters most based on your bottom line. With tagless analytics and real-time capture, your team has instant, quantified visibility into what is working and what isn’t.

We simply didn’t have the internal resources to keep digging; we had to keep the lights on. With Quantum Metric our MTTI has gone from potentially never to hours.

-Pete Zeiner | Head of Digital Innovation, Advanced Auto Parts

How do IT ops leaders use Quantum Metric?

Experience Alerting

Alert off of a robust data set of behavioral, technical, and business KPIs. Activate other systems and teams with web hooks to IT monitoring platforms and notification systems.

Detailed Session Replay

Recreate the browser, see all of the API calls, and understand user intent. Best in class replay improves team morale and drastically improves your ability to reproduce an issue.

Page Performance Optimization

Discover and quantify page performance improvement opportunities, aligning your business and technical teams around key business outcomes.

how the platform works

IT Operations teams use Quantum Metric to these answer business questions:

  • Is the latest release causing any unintended issues? 
  • Are poor performing pages impacting revenue? Which ones and why?

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  • Are mobile users experiencing errors in our upgrade flow?  
  • How can I understand the user experience behind certain API issues?

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Financial Services
  • How do we use behavioral data to power personalization efforts?
  • We are re-platforming, how do we measure changes to the experience?  

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