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For marketing leaders, conversion is your #1 metric. But it’s hard to get visibility into why campaigns and conversion funnels underperform. With Quantum Metric, it’ll be easier than ever.

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How do marketing teams use Quantum Metric?

Monitor and alert on campaign, category, or seasonal performance.

Investigate campaign errors with faster reproduction and prioritization.

Optimize shopping journeys with detailed analysis.

Increase marketing effectiveness based on customer’s experience.

Tapestry drives the digital sales funnel

Chief Digital Officer Noam Paransky joins us at our inaugural user conference,
Quantum LEAP, to share how his teams help drive digital sales, marketing, and
engagement for the family of Tapestry brands.

Marketing teams use Quantum Metric to answer these business questions:

  • What page elements are promoting or detracting from conversion?
  • How many other customers are impacted by this same issue and what is the total impact on conversion? 
  • Where and why are customers falling out of conversion funnels?
  • Which segments should we suppress remarketing to?
  • Why is campaign A performing better than campaign B?
  • What promo code errors are occurring?

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