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Grow subscriptions and improve the digital self-service experience. Your business and technical teams need a common view of the customer experience. Quantified.

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Quantum Metric enables media and telecommunications companies to

Grow new accounts and upgrades

Rapidly identify and prioritize conversion blockers in your account, subscription, and upgrade funnels

Optimize self-service funnels faster

Automatically uncover opportunities that help customers manage their accounts quickly and conveniently.

Improve operating efficiencies

Reduce call volume, troubleshoot calls faster, and improve the agent app experience.

A major US cable provider unifies business and technical teams

Within four months, this large U.S. cable provider had over 90 team members across eight teams actively using Quantum Metric. Teams discovered opportunities to optimize page layouts, improve package selection, and quantify the conversion impact of technical errors in checkout flows. 

Use Quantum Metric to answer business questions such as

Product and UX
  • Is the package selection page optimized for funnel progression?
  • What is promoting or detracting from conversion and what is the revenue opportunity if we address it?
  • Which checkout errors prevent conversion and what’s the potential revenue loss?
  • Where and why are agents struggling within our new internal agent app?
  • How many other customers were impacted by the same issue described in this survey response?
  • Is this issue big enough to prioritize and escalate to product and engineering?


We can support your major digital initiatives

Reduce Call Center Costs

Deflect calls that result from poor user experience and rescue struggling customers in real-time.

Contextualize Customer Feedback

From one survey response, instantly size the business impact and segment analytics and session replays for customers who had the same experience.

Personalize Journeys

Deliver the right action at the right time across digital and call center based on real-time customer behaviors.

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