There is a better way

With Quantum Metric, your teams have everything they need to continuously build great products, improve the business, and make customers happy.

Increase conversion

For marketing and e-commerce leaders, conversion is your #1 metric. But why is it so hard to get visibility into where and why conversion funnels underperform? With Quantum Metric, it’ll never be easier.

  • Optimize conversion funnels
  • Rapidly identify conversion blockers
  • Identify high-performing campaigns

Improve CX

It’s a win-win. Customers get what they need, and you reduce abandonment or calls to your agents. When customers do call in, get to the root of the issue more quickly. Everybody’s happy.

  • Optimize self-service paths
  • Rapidly quantify customer complaints
  • Rescue customers in real-time
  • Watch customer replays to troubleshoot
  • Correlate NPS/CSAT with business impact

Iterate with confidence

Time to market. Uptime. MTTI/MTTR. Give your technical teams what they need to deliver speed, quality, and performance. For modern product organizations, that means making your next release—or a/b test, feature flag, system migration—better than the last.

  • Correlate performance with conversion
  • Find errors in QA
  • Reproduce production bugs quickly
  • Evaluate a/b test results in real-time

Increase cross-team agility

When teams are in sync, the possibilities are endless. But process, technology, and data sprawl impede agility. With Quantum Metric, get the organization aligned and moving faster with a single version of truth.

  • Prioritize opportunities based on business impact
  • Drive alignment and adoption with team-based dashboards
  • Enable real-time data access