Alchemer Mobile integration with Quantum Metric.

The Quantum Metric and Alchemer Mobile integration lets you prioritize issues that impact revenue, reputation and/or customer experience, based on customer feedback – outlining the overall business impact on conversion, number of users affected and revenue.

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Use Cases

Micro and Macro Visibility

Capture 100% of user sessions to see the full scope of your users’ experiences, enabling you to delve deeper into positive and negative feedback.

Transform Feedback into Action

Learn how many customers share the same negative experience. Understand how best to prioritize improving the overall app journey. Increase customer retention by getting ahead of issues before they see a major impact on customer satisfaction.


When a frustrating event is identified, Quantum Metric quantifies a single experience across 100% of all users allowing teams to prioritize what action to take.

Prioritize by Impact

Use customer feedback to prioritize issues impacting revenue, reputation and/or customer experience.

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