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Clarabridge integration with Quantum Metric

Closing the offline/online divide is something every brand wants to do but few have accomplished successfully. The Quantum Metric & Clarabridge partnership does just that by seamlessly connecting insights from call center, social, or any customer touchpoint with their corresponding online experiences in order to quantify and get right to the root cause of insights coming from service channels.


Use Cases

Closing the feedback loop

Clarabridge takes in feedback from tons of online/offline channels, through the integration QM can connect a users online session to any piece of Clarabridge feedback – this is powerful in and of itself because often when someone calls the call center to complain about a website its really hard to tie that to their online experience and omnichannel teams are left guessing or trying to reproduce on their own. But in addition to this, Quantum can quantify any insight coming from clarabridge against the entire population to see how many other customers might have had the same experience but didn’t chose to call the call center or complete an email survey etc.

Prioritizing Digital decisions based on Sentiment/Effort

Today, folks who manage websites/apps fix things or add features based on what is the most obvious (noisiest) problem or based on the opinion of the highest ranking person in the room. One of QM’s USPs is the ability to prioritize based on revenue/business impact but that is still not enough for CX teams who are measured based on CX scores like CSAT, LTR, NPS etc. For those orgs, its important to prioritize what to fix/optimize based on the things that will have most impact on customer sentiment – by passing QM data into Clarabridge you can look at digital behaviors in the context of sentiment/effort

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