Looker integration with Quantum Metric.

Combining Quantum Metric’s real-time first-party technical and behavioral data with Looker empowers cross-functional teams to better visualize and self-serve granular insights into all aspects of the digital experience, allowing teams to discover new and hidden segments, analyze customer cohorts, and better predict churn.

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Consolidate customer data on Google BigQuery.
  • Capture every facet of a customer’s digital experience.
  • Benefit from real-time, first-party technical and behavioral data.
  • Leverage marketing analytics tools, customer experience tools, and more.
  • Visualize and explore customer data in Looker. 
Design and deliver intuitive reports and dashboards for data-driven results.
  • Combine data sets, provide self-service data exploration, and automate processes.
  • Go beyond traditional business intelligence and integrate data directly into workflows.
Deliver a complete view of the customer to business users. 
  • Data where and when it’s most needed.
  • Drive better business decisions.
  • Improve customer satisfaction through better customer experiences.

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