Medallia integration with Quantum Metric

The Quantum Metric and Medallia partnership enables organizations to put the customer first in decision making around digital product optimization. Integrating Medallia Experience Cloud© with Quantum Metric provides real-time, quantified insights around the direct feedback customers are providing online and offline.

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Customer experience



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Use Cases

Visualize and Quantify Behavior 

See exactly what the user experienced with high fidelity replay, and connect feedback to other shared experiences to understand the larger scope of an opportunity. Quantum Metric automatically quantifies any experience or behavior by business impact to better prioritize optimization effortsContextualize CSAT & NPS

Contextualize CSAT & NPS

Delve deeper into both positive and negative customer feedback to understand why users are struggling or succeeding in their desired paths, how many others share their experience, and where to start improving the digital journey.

Trigger Timely Surveys

Gather well-timed feedback based on behavioral indicators by triggering a survey after high engagement or frustration at key points of the customer journey based on Quantum Metric’s real-time behavioral data.

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