Tealium integration with Quantum Metric.

Pairing Quantum Metric and Tealium delivers full customer visibility, enabling brands to surface valuable digital experience insights and act on them in real-time. Quantum Metric captures unique user experience data, enriching the Tealium Customer Data Hub with technical and behavioral intelligence.

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Data enrichment

Better understand your customers by sharing insights between Quantum Metric and Tealium. Quantum Metric can take advantage of Tealium’s data layer to know if a customer is an offline purchaser, a men’s category shopper, or a VIP while Tealium can assign badges based on customer sentiment or engagement.

Real-time response

Quantum Metric can send unique, actionable customer experience data to Tealium AudienceStream, in real-time. This can allow Tealium to deploy solutions like personalization, chat, or retargeting in a timely and intelligent way.

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