Supercharge your testing and personalization program.

Quantum Metric and Monetate improve your personalization and testing program by combining Monetate’s powerful decision engine and easy-to-use UI, with Quantum Metric’s real-time behavioral and session replay data – allowing for faster ideation, validation, and implementation of tests and personalized experiences.

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Monetate combines data from experimentation and outcomes to allow users to easily test and deliver powerful personalized user experiences. Quantum Metric adds highly segmented, first-party data and session replay to Monetate, formulating better hypothesis tests, analyzing the performance of experiments, and deploy/suppressing experiments for better journeys and targeting strategies.

“We want to be available and responsive to our customers. Being able to act fast and respond to customer frustration through adaptation is where Quantum and Monetate excel as we can easily learn, iterate, and then evolve the customer experience.”

Rama Annaswamy/Director of Digital Experiences, The Children's Place


Quantum and Monetate speed up your innovation and development cycles by helping you ideate, trigger, and validate CX based experiments that represent true customer intentions.

Compare side-by-side heat maps of multiple experiments for better insights.

Adapt to critical moments with real-time trigger experiments.

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