Qualtrics CustomerXM for digital.

Quantum Metric for Qualtrics helps customer experience teams validate, reproduce, and quantify the business impact of customers’ digital experiences all from one platform.

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Deliver great experiences at scale with Qualtrics and Quantum Metric.

“The integration of Quantum Metric replay directly into our Qualtrics dashboard is a game changer. Our teams are now able to save critical time, resources, and expand on our understanding of customer pain points and identify better solutions quicker.”

Sr. Analyst, Digital Insights/United Airlines


Enrich Qualtrics data for deeper insights.

Brands become leaders by quickly understanding and adapting to their customers’ needs. Now you can visualize insights from your Voice of Customer data all from one place with Quantum Metric Embedded Replay for Qualtrics. Qualtrics helps you collect and understand customer feedback. Quantum Metric adds visual evidence directly into the Qualtrics platform for every piece of customer feedback. From one dashboard, easily share replays with your digital teams to reproduce, resolve and improve digital experiences, and — with one click — prioritize based on the impact to your business.


See how Quantum Metric boosts your Qualtrics program.

Visualize the experience

Pass behavioral, technical, and business metrics into Qualtrics XM Platform for deeper analysis. Everything from rage clicks and frustration metrics to Javascript and page load errors is easily fed into your user profiles in XiD for segmentation in Qualtrics.

Close experience gaps

Pinpointing where the experience breaks is often a guessing game. Eliminate the guesswork by collecting and understanding customer feedback, while viewing session replay directly within the Qualtrics dashboard to take action in real-time.

Personalize experiences

Provide solutions to your customers in real time by triggering site intercepts with Qualtrics at the exact moment your customer is experiencing frustration.

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