A Platform You Can Trust

There’s only one platform for Continuous Product Design. Unlock your teams’ ability to build better products faster, and do it with a platform you can count on.

Automated Analysis

Who has the time to do their job and be a data scientist? Quantum Metric uses machine intelligence to automatically surface potential revenue loss, customer frustration or engagement, and under- or over-performing segments.

Instant Deployment

With a simple tag or SDK placement, Quantum Metric is on your site or app and working our magic. Start analyzing behavioral and technical data within minutes. Configure events in the UI. Yes, really.

Cross Platform

Is the native app or kiosk experience a black hole? It doesn’t have to be. Get visibility across platforms, while protecting customer data and minimizing performance impact.

We were looking for a partner who could give us visibility on native mobile app. It took us 18 months to find Quantum Metric!

-Director of Mobile | Regional Bank

Data Privacy and Security

Protecting customers’ data privacy has never been more critical. Our approach to data capture was built with GDPR in mind. We take two approaches: First, we never capture sensitive data by default. Second, we can encrypt and decrypt data if needed for business reasons, e.g. identifying fraud.

On-Demand Scale

We'll scale to meet your traffic needs. Just ask United Airlines, Comcast, or eBay. With Google BigQuery as our data warehouse, you can query across petabytes of data in seconds.

Highly Performant

Slow performance kills conversions. That’s why we’re hyper-focused on minimizing performance impact on customers. That's a topic for a white paper, or better yet: Put us to the test.