Minimize impact on the user experience

Slow performance kills conversions. We’re hyper-focused on minimizing any performance impact on customers. Get all the details below or better yet: Put us to the test.

Performance on Web

Low impact tag

Our web tag is typically 70-80 KB in size and loads within
milliseconds. It’s loaded asynchronously, once per session,
and available in the browser cache for all pages.

No perceptible impact

Users won’t get stuck waiting for Quantum Metric to load.
Our tag defers processing until your page is ready for users to
interact with it.

Performance on Native Apps

Lightweight SDK

Our Android SDK is about 200KB. Our iOS SDK leverages bitcode so it
compiles down to 1MB in the final build.

Patented, highly performant data capture

We translate native app views into HTML (DOM), which reduces
memory and CPU consumption, as well as data plan usage.

Minimal FPS impact

Your native app UI stays quick and responsive. A typical enterprise
customer will see a 8-9% decrease in frames per second (FPS) in their
mobile app.

How we transmit data

With a one-time tag or SDK deployment, Quantum Metric
will start capturing an expanse of data (no future code
configuration required).


All data is compressed before it’s sent to Quantum Metric. Even customers on the slowest networks won’t notice.

Frequent Small Batches

We send data in small, frequent batches to ensure our tag doesn’t affect page load.

Secure Encryption

All sensitive data is encrypted with a customer’s public key and all session replay data is sent over TLS/HTTPS.


We scale to meet your traffic needs. With Google BigQuery as our data warehouse,
you can query across petabytes of data in seconds. Read the Google Cloud case study to learn how we meet the needs of the largest enterprise customers.

“No matter what questions we ask or how much data we put in, we get results in seconds.”
— Mario Ciabarra, CEO of Quantum Metric

Read case study

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Quantum Metric significantly block the main/UI thread?

We are purpose-built to not interfere with any main thread activities. We are happy to run a performance test on your site to prove it. Just request a demo to get connected with one of our solutions engineers.

Does Quantum Metric block critical rendering path?

Critical rending path or CRP is not impacted by Quantum Metric. If you evaluate the Quantum Metric tag (deployed on your site) with Page Speed, you’ll notice minimal blocking due to the asynchronous nature of the Quantum Metric tag. When you see the amount of data we capture, you’ll be amazed by the performance numbers you see in Page Speed Insights.

Many mobile analytics solutions are "heavy." Is that the case with Quantum Metric?

The devil’s in the details. Quantum Metric’s unique mobile capture method lets you capture the most data with minimal overhead. That’s the reason we’re deployed on some of the most downloaded and utilized mobile apps in the world!

Does the mobile SDK drain the mobile device's battery?

It’s imperceptible. Our SDK adds less than 1% of additional memory helping to minimize the overall energy impact of the application.