Customer journey analytics that build the happiest paths.

Quantum Metric’s journey analytics provides deep insights into every touchpoint across the omnichannel customer journey, so that you can make data-driven decisions informed by comprehensive customer behavior.

Unlock business wins with Quantum Metric journey analytics.

Optimize customer journeys and features.

Increase engagement and adoption, isolate promoters and detractors, and inform redesigns.

Amplify marketing success.

Understand how audiences engage, isolate under-performers, and identify friction that impedes campaign success.

Boost the conversion funnel.

Reduce customer abandonment and optimize funnel conversion success.

Personalize for customer needs.

Combine behavioral data with offline data from loyalty programs, in-store, contact center, and more to craft bespoke journeys for your customers.

Master the complete customer journey from A to Z.

Automatically capture and visualize customer behavior as they navigate across online and offline channels.

Accelerate time to value.

Impact quantification.

Real-time activation.

Instant insights into the customer journey.

Journey analysis

Gain deep insights into your customers’ paths through your website or mobile app effortlessly, using our ready-to-use data set and seamless access to session replay, events, errors, top clicks/taps, and more, helping you understand their behaviors and decision-making process.

Session replay

A secure, high-fidelity, and detailed visual representation of every customer’s actions on your website or app, enabling teams to gain deep insights into customer behaviors, foster empathy, and establish a shared truth for better decision-making.

Industry guides

Our set of pre-built guides, Atlas, empowers your teams to effortlessly monitor and enhance top micro-experiences across your complex digital customer journey, with instant KPI alerts and step-by-step insights within minutes, not weeks.

Customer journey management for every team.

With Quantum Metric Journeys, understand the business impact of every customer interaction.


Utilize customer journey analytics to test the performance of iterations across online and offline channels, empowering timely enhancements and faster resolution to escalations.


Identify bottlenecks, points of frustration, or confusing aspects of the customer journey by identifying navigation patterns, roadblocks, and key moments of abandonment.


Gain a complete view of how customers traverse channels, so you spend less time patching together data sources and more time recommending strategic stakeholder action.


Discover the power of real-time analytics.

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