Elevate your digital insights with powerful dashboards.

Unlimited, fully customizable dashboards highlight the data you need, the way you need it—at your fingertips.

Build and visualize anything.

Easy to use and highly configurable data workbench built on top of the richest data set. Leverage 300+ experience indicators to monitor and analyze all aspects of the digital experience.

As simple as drag and drop.

Easily drag and drop metrics and cards onto the dashboard, making it accessible to everyone—from novice to expert. Layer segments with easy-to-use same drag and drop.

Build and analyze funnels on the fly.

The customer journey isn’t linear and your analysis shouldn’t be either. Quickly build funnels to understand customer progression through any journey without event prerequisites. 

Smart data, sharper dashboards.

Dashboards are only as good as the data underlying them. Quantum Metric’s patented approach to data capture means you have the richest dataset at your fingertips.


New pages, views, buttons and experiences are automatically identified and trackable—no element level tagging required.

Remote configuration

Sometimes you need to track complex actions. Use Quantum Metric’s UI based tracking to track any behavior—all without ever touching your code.

Real time availability

Curious how customers are engaging with a new test? Don’t wait for batch analytics dumps—start analyzing the experience in real time.