Data Activation

Powerful cross-channel data for captivating experiences.

Seamlessly merge any data source with Quantum Metric to analyze and activate experiences in real-time.

Data enrichment

Unlock multi-channel insights with data enrichment.

Incorporate any data source (such as call logs, VOC data, POS data) into the platform and link it to Quantum Metric session data to answer business questions in one place. Segment, build dashboards, analyze journeys, all without reliance on your BI team.

Better business outcomes with data enrichment.

Upload contact center data to reduce unnecessary support contacts.

Upload VOC data to predict how digital changes will improve CSAT scores.

Upload offline data to unlock a more complete picture of your customer journeys.


Rescue and re-engage customers in the moment with Activate.

Turn any customer behavioral data point into a real-time action. Detect user struggle or cart abandonment immediately and intercept with a chat window, survey, or personalized offer.

Data export

Supercharge any data platform with QM’s rich insights.

Leverage Quantum Metric data directly in Google BigQuery or stream it to any data lake, cloud, CDP or BI visualization tool to conduct analysis. Quantum Metric data helps power personalized marketing, cross-channel analysis, Business Intelligence and more.

How can Data Activation help your teams?

Analytics teams

Understand the connections between digital and “out of session” activities to make smarter decisions about your business.


Identify top drivers of digital helpdesk requests and frustration to reduce support contacts and improve CSAT.

Contact center

Re-engage customers by taking ANY data point in Quantum Metric and turning it into a real-time trigger for live chat.

Reveal digital answers to accelerate growth.

See why brands use Quantum Metric to drive better outcomes for their business and their customers.


reduction in issue escalations.


million in savings.


increase in conversion.