Felix AI

Accelerate customer understanding with Felix AI.

Powered by Generative AI, Felix AI automatically summarizes a user’s session behaviors and consolidates the moments that matter most into short, readable summaries.

How Felix AI expedites your digital decision making.

Reduce time watching long, detailed session replays.

Instantly quantify summarized friction points.

Integrate session insights into your existing workflows.

Summarize a session in seconds.

Session replays are invaluable to understanding the customer experience, but watching them takes so much time. With Felix AI, you can understand the entire session in seconds, with the click of a button.

Quantify in an instant.

Use one-click quantification to see the impact of a friction point across your entire audience.

Ask Felix anything.

Make Felix AI your smart helper by asking clarifying questions about the user’s session, enabling teams to get the specific insights they need to resolve customer pains. 

Send Felix AI summaries anywhere.

Use purpose-built integrations or a RESTful API to integrate session summaries into your most important workflows.