Optimize customer paths with Journeys.

Automatically understand the paths your customers take and what they experience along the way in your web or mobile applications with Quantum Metric Journeys.

Change the way you think about journey analysis.

More than just a pretty visualization – Quantum Metric Journeys delivers the micro and macro, all in one platform.

  • Take advantage of autocaptured data, including 60+ behavioral and technical dimensions, day one.
  • Enable action with detailed step analysis including top errors, events, and behaviors.
  • Visualize any customer journey with powerful segmentation capabilities.

See the big picture and the critical details with Quantum Metric Journeys.

Easily pivot to the true customer experience with Session Replay.

Every journey you are analyzing is backed up by a contextual Session Replay that allows you to quickly understand the journey of an individual customer.

Take action in the moment with automated step analysis.

Path details are automatically populated with top clicks/taps, events, and fiction points making it easy to pivot into a deeper error or behavioral analysis.

Analyze the customer journey on any platform—automatically.

Journeys enables automated path analysis and visualization on web, mobile, and kiosk and autocapture ensures your journey analysis is updated in real-time.

Flexible analysis lets you Drill down to the micro-conversion level with flexible analysis.

Use the built-in Segment Builder to filter your journey visualization by just about any audience attribute or sequence of steps—define your journey by page, page group, or event.

How teams use Journeys.


Identify bottlenecks, points of frustration, or confusing aspects of the customer journey by identifying navigation patterns, roadblocks, and key moments of abandonment.


Understand the intricacies of campaign performance through segmentation and identify which campaigns are driving outcomes.


Gain a complete view of how customers traverse channels, so you spend less time patching together data sources and more time recommending strategic stakeholder action.