Quantum LEAP '24

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Turn design decisions into revenue.

Basic heatmapping is rudderless and lacks utility. Take your UX to the next level by associating page-level engagement with business outcomes and actual user sessions on web and mobile apps.

Visualize usage patterns for every platform.

Quantum Metric Heatmaps and scroll/click maps help you identify the intent of your audience at an aggregate level. This coupled with easy pivots to deeper page analysis allows for easier decision making.

Element level content attribution.

Is the usage of the search feature responsible for negative experiences? Does engaging with reviews lead to increased conversion? Quantum Metric Interactions allow you to break down the elements of your page and easily layer on any business metrics to see the down funnel impact.

Trend KPIs and UX impediments for top pages.

With Quantum Metric Pages, teams can identify page-level conversions, isolate drivers and detractors, and benchmark behaviors by page or page group.

Top-level insights right from your browser.

Quantum Metric Visible brings customer behavior to forefront and allows you to quickly understand impacts on customer experience.  With Visible, you get access to metrics, heatmaps, clicks and taps, conversions, engagement, and more, right from a browser on your site, with a single click.

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