Platform Intelligence

Experience smarter analytics with Platform intelligence.

Unleash the full potential of our Quantum Metric platform with our powerful machine learning engine. From automated baselining to dimensional alerting, platform intelligence drives intelligent insights that propel customer and business success forward.

Proactively uncover friction with automated alerts.

Automatically detect customer struggle with alerts that proactively monitor how your customers are experiencing your application. Quantum Metric’s anomaly detection leverages behavioral and historical data to ensure that when alerts trigger, it’s something worth looking into.

Instant data on 300+ points—automatically.

Leverage the power of Quantum Metric’s autocapture for every user interaction—swipe, click, scroll, API response, page view, and more—to enhance and improve its understanding of your data.

Get to the key points of any user session with Felix AI.

Powered by Generative AI, Felix AI automatically summarizes the thousands of data points collected in a user session and consolidates the session timeline into a short, readable summary. View summaries in the platform or leverage the API to integrate real-time session summaries into your key workflows.

One-click quantification of customer behavior.

Beyond monitoring and alerting, Quantum Metric’s one-click quantification, to automatically calculate the impact of every customer behavior so you can dramatically reduce time spent determining priorities.

How can platform intelligence help your teams?

Targeted and relevant alerts.

Instant KPI alerts, real-time issue diagnosis and guided out-of-the-box dashboards for faster insights.

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Guided anomaly detection.

Spend less time pouring through data. Quickly diagnose what’s causing problems on your digital property.

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One-click quantification.

Instantly know the impact you can have by improving customer experiences.

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Identify the root cause.

Domestic & General reduced the time to identify underlying issues from days to hours.