Quantify priorities faster.

Quantum Metric automatically calculates the impact of every customer behavior so you can dramatically reduce time spent determining priorities.

Why Quantum Metric.

Quickly align on which issues to prioritize.

Help teams stay focused on the issues that have the greatest customer and business impact, and leverage internal resources efficiently.

Double down on what’s working.

Use data, not hunches, to understand, optimize, and leverage the happy paths customers are taking.

Accelerate the speed and impact of releases.

Shorten cycles and deliver new products faster with priorities backed by data and team alignment.

Speed up cross-team workflows.

Improve collaboration across digital teams with UX, technical, and performance insights in one platform.

Put the customer at the center of decisions.

Quantify behavior with one click.

Prioritize with opportunity analysis.

Understand the impact of slow pages with performance monitoring.

Improve your key journeys with UX analysis.