Realize customer needs in real time.

Quantum Metric uncovers customer intent, behaviors, and frustration. Turn the hours spent chasing issues into time delivering your next best release.

Why Quantum Metric.

Customer signals for every team.

With complete data capture of the customer experience, increase customer empathy across digital, IT, and support teams.

Understand intent, target friction.

Understand how customers interact with features and flows. Surface friction, reproduce with ease, and get to resolution quickly.

Identify the (un)knowns in real-time.

Don’t let issues go undetected. Reduce the time it takes to chase down issues, from days or weeks to minutes and hours.

Less debating, more decision making.

Validate customer needs with the “indisputable truth”—real time views of customers actual experiences.

Build a foundation of observation.

Automatically capture 300+ data points.

Access real-time session replay.

Machine learning powered anomaly detection.

Utilize real-time alerting.