Segment Builder

Ask any question about your audience.

Combine powerful segmentation with an industry-leading dataset to gain unparalleled insights into your organization.

Sharpen your segments by blending multiple data types or collections.

Analyze any aspect of your audience with limitless segmentation capabilities.

Complex questions require capable segmentation.

Flexible logic operators and sequential segmentation.

Easily layer on clauses (and, or, then, where) to build precise segments.

Understand user engagement.

Pivot to user-based analysis to better understand how your audience engages with your products over multiple sessions.

Singular segmentation method.

Leverage segment builder across every part of the Quantum Metric platform to easily apply segmentation to any data view.

Multidimensional analysis.

Capture multiple event attributes with any precision event and readily use those attributes to build segments.

How teams use Segment Builder.


Understand how users interact with your products both as a group and as individuals.


Quickly perform complex analysis without needing to involve engineering.


Understand, recreate, and diagnose issues that involve multiple steps or an isolated audience.