Session replay, the right way.

Know what’s happening in your user experience and the why behind it. Discover how Quantum Metric session replay gives context to digital analytics truth. 

Capture critical context.

Get breadth and depth so you can discover the what and why. Drive empathy and understanding while making better decisions with metadata like user platform, API calls, and network details—as well as dozens of out-of-the-box and custom events and errors.

Get to the key points of any user session with Felix AI.

Powered by Generative AI, Felix AI automatically summarizes the thousands of data points collected in a user session and consolidates the session timeline into a short, readable summary. View summaries in the platform or leverage the API to integrate real-time session summaries into your key workflows.

Instantly quantify friction with one click quantification.

Click once and see aggregate analytics for every customer who had the exact same experience with “See more like it.” That means instant, quantified visibility for errors, conversion events, and more. 

Evolve your experience with replay that stays fresh.

Don’t worry about stale session replay. Quantum Metric leads the industry in capture coverage across leading modern web and mobile frameworks.

The enterprise guide to session replay.

Discover how to weave session replay into every business process and function. Read our guide to learn how the biggest companies use session replay as the last mile of analysis—and deliver better business results and customer experiences.

Integrate in just one click.

Product managers, UX researchers, engineers, analysts, or support agents can easily watch a customer’s session with a single click. Plus, integrate with other analytics tools, voice of customer, experimentation, application performance monitoring, support platforms, and more.

Teams and use cases.

Product and UX

Analyze customer behaviors and size opportunities.


Reproduce errors and see the technical details to diagnose.

IT Ops

Proactively monitor, validate, and escalate issues.

Customer Service

Instantly reproduce sessions to troubleshoot with customers.

What makes our session replay different?

  • Watch session replay in high fidelity on web and mobile apps 
  • Utilize session replay on all modern dynamic content sites and mobile frameworks.

  • Pivot into session replays from any aggregate data visualization (dashboards, journeys, etc.)
  • Quickly jump to out-of-the-box events and errors and share that exact moment with a teammate. 

  • Integrate with survey providers, APM, Jira, Slack, and more
  • Leverage a full technical pane with network diagnostics