Quantum Metric Visible.

Data visibility has never been so easy. Get top level insights, right from your browser.

Track performance and customer engagement anytime, anywhere.

Quantum Metric Visible brings customer behavior to the forefront so you can quickly understand what’s impacting the customer experience. Operating in your browser and active on your website, get the answers you need from page and site level metrics, heatmaps, top engaged elements, or even pivot into the Quantum Metric platform for further analysis.

Understand customer behavior right on your website.

Get immediate insights.

Size the impact of issues.

Improve access to customer behavior.

Scale across teams.

Why Quantum Metric Visible.

Minimize time to gain insights.

With topline metrics, Visible quickly shows potential issues in customer engagement, delivering optimal time to value.

Observe customer behavior in real-time.

Visible enables efficiency in understanding customer behavior, all from your browser on your own site.

Drill into details.

With one click, dive into the full platform to learn more about a specific metric or behavior of interest.

Give visibility to everyone.

From executives to UX designers, Visible makes it easy to get insights without deep platform expertise.

Frequently asked questions.

How teams use Visible.


See top site metrics without needing special reports, product expertise, or extra meetings.


Get real-time insight into engagement, campaigns, and interactions with page elements, content, and conversion.


Understand customer behavior and patterns knowing where to focus efforts and prioritize roadmaps.