The 2023 digital experience benchmark for airlines.

How are you mapping out your digital goals with less budget? We asked this question and more to digital airline leaders to better understand what their priorities were for 2023. This latest report provides a look into the projected trends for the year from an executive perspective and how that maps to customer behavior.

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Discover which digital trends are taking off.

Digital priorities for 2023.

With more consumers traveling in 2023 and prices continuing to surge up, airlines are focused on two things: customer retention and boosting mobile adoption

Luxury is the ticket to retention.

Almost every airline leader surveyed has or plans to introduce new luxury services in 2023

A focus on mobile.

Mobile is a top priority, so what investments are execs making to grow mobile adoption and bookings?

Boost bookings long term.

For digital leaders trying to maximize cart values and conversions, where are they focusing resources?

98% customer retention rate

29% of global web traffic.

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