You need a replatforming plan. Quantum Metric and Google Cloud have the playbook.

If you’ve decided to take the first (and biggest) step towards platform migration, then you need a strategy. Make sure your platform transition is a success by asking the tough questions. 

Developing a software migration plan is monumental. By asking the tough questions now, you’ll be best set up to deliver on the promise of digital transformation.

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Minimize replatforming risks and maximize impact with these questions.

Will your platform migration be a lift and shift only or facelift too?

When it comes to application migration, weigh the pros and cons of lifting and shifting to the new platform with or without redesigning the user experience.

What will your replatforming rollout look like?

There isn’t one way to roll out a replatforming. Consider your maturity and technical resources and how to apply these at different phases of platform migration.

How will you define success and optimize post-project?

Decisions big and small are made throughout a replatforming. In order to make a great migration plan, you need to help your teams prioritize and tie that to the business impact that makes your transformation a success. 

How will digital platform migration impact your culture?

Organizational culture plays a pivotal role in making replatforming successful. Ensure your team is ready to successfully achieve business and digital transformation, and that you understand their needs in evaluating Google Marketplace opportunities.

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