Evaluating the market? Make the best decision with the Digital experience analytics buyers guide.

When the category of digital experience analytics is still being defined, choosing a solution can feel impossible. Learn what you need to look for, what questions to ask, and how to focus your evaluation to ensure you find the best first for your organization with our guide.

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Digital self-service is critical to customer retention.

The only time is real-time.

Alerts trigger in the moment, dashboards refresh in real-time, and session replays are viewable while the customer is still on the site.

Usable by UX leaders and developers alike.

Quantum Metric’s proprietary autocapture means everything from heatmaps to session replays contain detailed behavioral and technical data.

Deploy once, capture everything.

No page mapping, code-level configuration, or heavy ongoing maintenance required. Use session replay, dashboards, and heatmaps on day one.

98% customer retention rate.

29% of global web traffic.