Quantum LEAP '24

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Deliver a unified experience with real time mobile app analytics.

Capture, visualise, analyse, and get alerts regardless of channel—and without the additional tagging. Use app analytics to listen to customer signals, respond rapidly, and continuously optimise the mobile experience.

Dive in today to see how Quantum Metric’s mobile app analytics give organisations the real-time data and customer perspective needed to verify app performance and customer experience. With Quantum Metric, you can get mobile analytics, session replay, and performance all in one view across mobile and web to measure what matters most and deliver a true omni-channel experience.

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Mobile app analytics with one deployment.

Single SDK deployment.

Install the SDK once and start capturing and reporting immediately. Go beyond app crash reports to get mobile usage analytics, behavioural indicators, conversion data, API performance, and more.

Session replay and heatmaps.

See what your users are doing in the app, and more importantly, where they struggle. Share insights across teams to drive action and improvement.

300+ out of the box metrics.

Every tap, swipe, rotation and frustration. Every API request, response, and failure. Every conversion, interaction, and behaviour.