A guide to optimizing the 5 pillars of the digital customer journey.

Every investment in time and resources is critical in today’s evolving and complex digital landscape. Taking insights from digital leaders across industries, this guide outlines where to focus within the 5 key digital experience pillars. Download to discover what they are and the key questions to ask for each one.

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Define the 5 pillars of the digital customer journey.

Explore the 5 pillars and how each impacts the digital journey.

Understand where to focus your digital optimization efforts.

See the top micro-experiences to track within the 5 pillars of the digital journey and how to optimize them.

See the right questions to ask to deliver a better digital experience.

For each pillar, explore the key questions to ask.

Discover the top time wasters hurting your digital experience.

Review the time wasters that often signal you’re focusing on the wrong issue.

98% customer retention rate.

30% of global web traffic.