Modern enterprise web analytics.

Dive deep into user actions across websites and mobile apps, and unearth untapped opportunities to captivate, win, and retain users. With Quantum Metric’s web analytics, not only will you empower your customers, but you’ll also significantly enhance your bottom line. Take control, understand, and optimize every digital interaction.

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Harness the power of real-time data and comprehensive analysis for smarter actions.

Quantify impact, align on priorities.

Don’t settle for just knowing when and why customers drop off. Quantify the business impact so your team can prioritize it against everything else in the backlog.

Diagnose deeper and optimize faster.

Pinpoint customer friction and get to the root cause, whether it’s a confusing UX design or a technical error, to find and apply a fix quickly.

Autocapture hundreds of data points out-of-the-box.

Capture customer and behavioral signals with a simple Javascript snippet or SDK placement without engineering having to tag at the code level.

98% customer retention rate.

40% of global web traffic.