Customer Journey Analytics

Customer Journey Analytics provide insights into every touchpoint across the omnichannel customer experience, so that you can make data-driven decisions based on your customers' behaviors.

That’s why we built Journeys.

More than just customer journey mapping–get visualizations and omnichannel analysis in one platform

Collect all customer journey data together

It’s not enough to understand which paths your customers are taking through your website or mobile app. You need data to understand why.

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Relive the customer journey

Easily pivot into contextual session replays that allow you to truly empathize with your customer.

Watch a product tour

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I configure Journeys?

You don’t. Journeys automatically populates the visualization for both web and native applications.

Do I need to create events for Journeys to work?

No, you do not. Quantum Metric is capturing 60+ behavioral, technical, and business level indicators out of the box. Leverage this data to refine your exact journey.

Does Journeys populate in real-time?

Yes, much like all data in Quantum Metric Journeys is populated in real-time. This means if you release a feature, you can automatically visualize how it is impacting the customer journey.