Mobile App Analytics

Audiences are expanding and mobile utilization is skyrocketing. Do you have the analytics, real-time data, and customer perspective you need to keep up?

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The Details Matter

Quantum Metric’s capture method is so unique that we have a patent on it. The Quantum Metric SDK
provides the ability to capture any native application screen or view and translate those
components into familiar DOM counterparts to render them in our replay engine.

Real-time Analytics               Configurable Security               Highly Performant 

A single deployment, endless possibilities

With a one-time SDK deployment, Quantum Metric
will start capturing an expanse of data—no future code
configuration required.

Session Replay

Instantly reproduce native app sessions to identify impediments and gain perspective.

Custom Dashboards

Powerful visualization and dashboarding capabilities for every team in your organization.

Segment Builder

Easily build complex segments using hundreds of available metrics, from failing APIs to rage taps.

Interaction Heatmaps

Use heatmaps and attribution maps to understand user intent by view controller or activity.

Deploy in hours, insights in seconds

With a lightweight SDK deployment, Quantum Metric will start capturing data out of the box. More than just app crashes—capture behavioral indicators, conversion data, API performance, and more.

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You don’t have time to sift through endless replays

Get alerted to issues and insights with automated funnel analysis and anomaly detection. Then quickly gain deeper understanding with instant quantification, segment analysis, and session replay.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I configure events remotely?

That’s the beauty of the Quantum Metric platform. If you need to track a custom event, you can configure the event remotely via our UI and start tracking in minutes. No need to go into your application code.

What if I have a web and native application?

Many of our customers are in that same boat. Our native capture method enables you to render native application replays in the same replay engine as web-based replays. This means you can access data across all of your digital properties in a single platform.

Does the SDK add overhead?

We can’t defy the laws of physics, so the SDK does add the smallest amount of overhead. However, it’s imperceptible to your end users. Get in touch to put us to the test. The amount of data our SDK captures in relation to its low overhead is one of the many reasons the Fortune 500 chooses Quantum Metric for their mobile apps.

How much code-level configuration is required?

You need to deploy our SDK into your application code. However, all configuration (custom events) after that can be done via our web-based UI.

How do you handle security on native?

Read more about our commitment to data privacy and security. Our configurable security practices are one of the reasons we’re trusted on leading mobile banking and insurance applications.

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