Performance Monitoring

Finally, performance monitoring based on your customer's perspective

Tackle the client-side performance issues that matter to your customers and your bottom line. Identify issues, quantify the business impact, and view the true user experience in one platform.

Real user monitoring that answers business questions

Resource analysis, browser timings, and SPA timing capture are table stakes. Quantum Metric layers on session replay, powerful segmentation, and quantification to shed light on the business impact of your site optimization work.

Less noise and more context

Use Quantum Metric Experience Alerts to intelligently monitor page performance, outages, API failures, and more across any segment. Once an alert fires, use pre-built webhooks to inform your monitoring and incident management systems like Datadog, Pagerduty, and ServiceNow.

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How teams use Quantum Metric Performance Monitoring

Conduct detailed page analysis

Benchmark network timings, resources, and API performance at a page or page group level.

Identify and reduce friction faster

Automatically detect customer struggle with algorithms that capture frontend errors and behavioral friction.

Rapidly improve and iterate

Easily diagnose the root cause with detailed resource capture, session replay, debugging tools, and more.

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