Session Replay

Session Replay, to the nth power

The first time you watch a customer replay, it’s beautiful. The 1000th time, not so much. Find out why Quantum Metric's session replay is so much more than the point solution you’re using today.

Incredible depth and breadth of capture

The real power with our session replay is in the context that helps you decipher the what and why. We capture all the metadata behind the replay— like user platform, API calls, and network details—as well as dozens of out of the box events and errors, plus the custom ones you’ll configure in our UI.

Replay drives empathy and understanding but the metadata behind it drives better decision-making.

From an individual replay, to instant aggregation

Behind this simple idea of “See more like it,” is the ability to click once and see aggregate analytics for every customer who had the exact same experience.

That’s instant and quantified visibility for errors, conversion events, and more. No more binge watching. Watch only the replays you need to.

The Enterprise Guide to Session Replay

Don’t sideline session replay as just another point tool. Weave it into every business process and function. Read this guide to learn how big companies use session replay as the last mile of analysis—and deliver better business results and customer experiences.

Read the guide.

Easy integrations in 1-click

Viewing customer sessions builds incredible customer understanding. With just one click, product managers, UX researchers, engineers, analysts, or support agents can easily watch a customer’s session.

Integrate with other analytics tools, voice of customer, experimentation, application performance monitoring, support platforms, and more.


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Teams and Use Cases

Product and UX

Analyze customer behaviors and size opportunities.


Reproduce errors and see the technical details to diagnose.

IT Ops

Proactively monitor, validate, and escalate issues.

Customer Service

Instantly reproduce sessions to troubleshoot with customers.

Additional Features

  • High fidelity session replay
  • Works on all modern dynamic content sites
  • Visibility on native mobile app
  • One-click segmentation with “See more like this”
  • Quickly jump to out-of-the-box events and errors
  • Share specific timeframes with other teams
  • Integrations with survey providers, APM, Jira, Slack, and more
  • Full technical pane with network diagnostics

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is session replay?

Session replay is the reproduction of a user’s interactions on web or native mobile applications. Session replay captures things like mouse movements, clicks, typing, scrolling, swiping, tapping, etc. Session replay isn’t a recording of a user’s session. It’s a reproduction of the individual experience based on the changing state of their browser or application, with all of the underlying contextual user data.

Why is session replay so valuable?

Digital or product analytics serve the same purpose. They try to answer “What is this person doing on my application and how does that correlate to things I care about?” However, most analytics tools are still abstracted from the actual person. It’s easy to forget the humanity that exists behind graphs and charts. Session replay drives true empathy because you can visualize when your customers succeed or struggle. What’s the value of this? Rapid insights, building user empathy, and ‘aha!’ moments.

What unique data does Quantum Metric's session replay enable?

By basing data capture off of the user’s view of the document object model (DOM), Quantum Metric enables capture of a unique and comprehensive data set. Capture behavioral metrics like repeated clicking, page reloading, and possible user frustration.

Does Quantum Metric's session replay expose personal data?

Security and privacy are foundational to the Quantum Metric platform. Everything is encrypted at the client device and exposed personal information is never sent across the network. This information is only accessible with a private key and a business reason, ensuring compliance at every step. Our commitment to privacy and security is why multiple top five banks, insurance, and telecom companies trust Quantum Metric.