Journey Mapping and Data Visualisation

Two reasons Decibel users are turning to Quantum Metric

Digital experience analytics platforms should adapt to your organisation’s needs. That’s why we designed Quantum Metric to work for more than just marketing or UX professionals—customisable visual dashboards allow all internal teams to make decisions based on the CX faster.

Out-of-the-box capture and segment data

  • Assess behavioural indicators, deep technical details, and core business metrics—build, share, and visualize segments

Democratize your insights

  • Visualise hundreds of metrics through fully customizable dashboards that can be easily adapted for different individual and cross-functional teams

Gain granular, real-time alerting and quantification

  • Create alerts using customisable criteria and webhooks, and gain clear insights into issues built on broad data-capture

Watch our brief demo to learn more about why Decibel users are turning to Quantum Metric.

Watch a demo.