Session replay is just the beginning.

You’re only getting part of the story with Fullstory.

With Quantum Metric, session replay is just the beginning.

Under Armour chose Quantum Metric to go beyond session replay alone, relying on the platform’s enterprise-level capabilities like proactive anomaly detection and immediate quantification of revenue or business impact.

Quantum Metric enables you to:

  • Go beyond session replay alone with the industry’s most comprehensive autocapture.
  • Get notified of unexpected anomalies, without having to be in the platform.
  • Immediately quantify impact across 100% of customer sessions with a single click.

“To me Quantum Metric is a powerful analytics platform that finds and points you to struggles with session replay to prove it. FullStory is a search engine for replays.”

— eCommerce Product Manager, Fortune 500 online retailer

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