Why companies are switching from Tealeaf to Quantum Metric

Don’t let legacy replay technology hold you or your organization back. Leave the past behind and upgrade to the future of experience analytics.

Why did your peers upgrade to Quantum Metric from Tealeaf?

“The analytics and breadth of the platform are unmatched by any other service we’ve used. If you want to know how people are interacting with your website – and what works and what doesn’t – Quantum Metric is the platform of choice.”

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“Quantum Metric is the tool of the tools. It is really helpful for reviewing customer actions, system responses, and other logged information. A lot of different analytics options. Quantum Metric has made life way easier for my self, my colleagues, and other teams.”

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“QM helps us understand customer behavior, identify struggles, and determine where we can make improvements. We’ve been able to find critical drop-offs in conversion rates for various parts of the site and prioritize bug fixes and updates.”

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Don’t believe us? Just watch.

Even Tealeaf's founder made the switch to Quantum Metric

Hear what Robert Wenig has to say about the future of Experience Analytics. He weighs in on the current market landscape and shares why he believes Quantum Metric is the clear leader.

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Quantify the impact of errors across web and mobile applications

Quantify the business impact of an issue across 100% of your population in a single click. Behavioral issues, technical errors, and frustration; we capture it all out of the box.

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Find out before your customer (or boss) does

Sifting through thousands of replays is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Expansive out of the box capture, automated funnel analysis, real-time alerting, and powerful dashboarding helps to keep your team proactive.

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