Alaska Airlines improves call center outcomes with Quantum Metric

Alaska Airlines started using Quantum Metric to start identifying defects.

Unfortunately, it meant right away that the airline was closing fewer bugs. Why? According to Jessi Lewis: “With Quantum Metric, we closed less bugs because we could suddenly reproduce the issue and confirm that bugs really needed to stay in the backlog.”

With Quantum Metric being used by over 60 people across product, engineering, support, call center, and design, Alaska Airlines has been able to:

Reduce call center time

Instead of asking the caller to explain in detail where they struggled on the Alaska website, an agent can simply ask the user when he/she visited the site, look up the user’s session in Quantum Metric with a user attribute like a mileage number, then watch the replay to troubleshoot the issue

Reduce helpdesk time

When frontline agents identify a problem, they open a help desk ticket with a link to the replay queued up to the exact point of friction in the user session. Alaska has also began training agents to include the number of guests impacted by the same friction, which can be done easily with Quantum Metric’s “see more like this” functionality

Reduce engineering time on defect resolution

When the issue lands with the engineering team, teams no longer have to figure out how to reproduce the problem. Engineers open the ticket, with a link to the replay and can quickly work through a defect and see all the API calls and other technical details

Improve the employee experience

Alaska also uses Quantum on an internal customer service agent (CSA) app. Quantum gives the app team visibility into where its associates struggle most, almost eliminating the need to observe CSAs working in local airports.

Step 1 - Agent Helps Guest

Call center agent looks up a user session in Quantum Metric to reproduce it.

Step 2 - Agent to helpdesk

After a call, agent opens a helpdesk ticket with link to the session replay

Step 3 - Helpdesk to engineering

Engineering watches the session replay and works through defect.