Can you predict what consumers will want tomorrow?

Learn how retailers can deliver first-rate experiences despite constantly changing consumer behaviour.

When it comes to eCommerce, one thing is for certain: Change.

In a world where Covid, Brexit and inflation have all shifted the way people shop for non-essentials, and sales cycles are getting longer and increasingly unpredictable, small changes and updates need to be made regularly. Not to mention, retailers must focus on providing high-quality goods at the best price, while also delivering exceptional customer experience year-round. So, how can retailers prepare?

In our latest report, we cover:

  • How to achieve agility by listening to customer signals
  • Understanding the ‘why’ behind consumer purchases
  • The importance of optimising for mobile and native apps

Excerpt from the report:

Browse first, buy later .

Consumers spent October and November visiting e-commerce sites multiple times to browse for Christmas gifts. However, they waited until December to make the majority of their purchases, with average order values spiking a number of times in December, exceeding 2020 figures.

Indeed, on December 22nd 2021, average order values were 70% higher than the same date in 2020. That supports consumer research we undertook in July 2021, highlighting shoppers for 2021 were more emotionally invested than ever.

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