The 7 setbacks to digital-first success.

How to solve problems around abandoned carts, mobile friction, conversion rate optimisation, and more.

7 ecommerce blockers to avoid

Digital-first retail is here to stay.

Predictions from Statista suggest that by 2023, global share of all digital retail will hit 22% up from 14% in 2019.

Broken tracking, cart abandonment, slow site performance, and mobile friction are just some of the key fail-points we see repeated time and time again on your way to digital-first retailing.

But what can companies do to ensure that not only do they have the right visibility into these problems, but also know how to solve them?

Our digital playbook provides you with real-life examples and solutions for digital-first success, including how to:

  • Seamlessly link behavioural anomalies to a quantified view of the customer experience
  • Identify millions of dollars of opportunity by reducing UX friction
  • Improve first-touch experience for your customers and conversion rate optimisation on your mobile site

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