A look at how digital has changed consumers' relationships with money.

Introducing our 2022 consumer

insights report for retail banking


What does retail banking look like in 2022? And how is instant access changing their relationship with their personal finances? 


To get a better understanding of today’s digital retail banking customers, we conducted a third-party survey of 1,500 consumers, aged 18+, who bank online and discovered:

  • Digital has given consumers more options (and banks more competition)
  • Consumers today tie money to matters of their health, heart and happiness
  • The customer experience is a high stakes matter for banks – with little room for error


Excerpt from the report:


Digital banking holds new opportunities.

The ability to easily access accounts has opened up a world of opportunities for consumers. Today’s average consumer holds accounts with at least two banks, and one in three consumers (36%) have accounts with three or more banks. 

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