Mapping the behaviors of travel today

Introducing the annual travel benchmark series

Travel is back and with new demands. 

Much has changed in the industry since travel practically ground to a halt two years ago. How have consumer demands shifted and what does this mean for travel brands today? 

To find out, we examined anonymized data from Quantum Metric’s travel customers, alongside survey responses from consumers in the U.S. and UK, to uncover: 

  • How consumers are making up for lost time, booking more travel with more budget
  • Why mobile isn’t just for booking—it’s a multi-touch channel for the travel experience
  • The emotional stakes, with travelers feeling extreme happiness or stress about their booking


Excerpt from the report:

People are ready to travel.

As COVID guidelines begin to ease, consumers are ready to travel once again. Traffic levels over the past three months are now close to those seen in the pre-pandemic days of early 2020. 

And they are only growing. In March, 2022 alone, we’ve seen an average of 70% growth week over week.

Weekly traffic rates by year: 2020-2022

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