2021 Holiday Benchmarks Series

Recapping a season that set new bars for ecommerce.


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A look at the holidays and beyond. 

December eCommerce site abandonment rates doubled YoY and site traffic dipped. The 2021 holiday season was truly like no other, but how will it define the future of the ecommerce experience?

In our third and final edition of our holiday retail benchmark series, we take a broad look at consumer behavior during the holiday season and take a closer look at:

  • If holiday crunch time still drives sales
  • How mobile reigned king 
  • The good and bad of customer frustration


Excerpt from the report:

“Does online browsing really ever end?

As Cyber 5 and November came to a close, consumers seemed to pull back on their retail browsing for the holidays. Consumers started buying and researching gifts earlier in the year, so December was about making purchasing decisions to ensure items would be in-stock and arrive on time for the holidays. Daily traffic in December even saw a 20% decline, on average, compared to 2020.

Even Christmas Eve 2021 – the primary shopping day for procrastinators – saw a decline in traffic. With Christmas Eve falling on a Friday, concerns about overnight delivery likely limited how much shopping was left to the last minute.”


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