Rapidly understand user behavior with the power of Gen AI.

From Felix AI session summarization to enhanced user analytics and interaction heatmaps, Quantum Metric customers are even better equipped to create digital experiences that keep customers coming back.

Understand a session replay in 20 seconds or less with Felix AI.

Powered by Generative AI, FelixAI automatically summarizes a user’s session behaviors and consolidates the moments that matter the most into short, readable summaries.

Reimagine content analysis with interaction heatmaps.

A complete overhaul of our Interactions Heatmaps feature accelerates content and UX analysis to unprecedented speeds.

Experience limitless segmentation capabilities with the new segment builder.

The redesigned segment builder experience now allows for precise segmentation, making it easier to answer any question you have about your audience.

Optimize for customer loyalty with user analytics.

Easily identify what drives user retention and churn with new user behavior centric dashboards.

Unlock instant insight with Felix AI.

With in platform summarization, easy integrations, and a flexible API, Felix AI makes it easy to port real-time customer insight into any workflow.

Want to take these new capabilities for a spin?