Discover micro-conversions that turn shoppers into customers.

From curbside pickup to buy now/pay later, how do you improve the retail journey at each step? Identify and prioritize the big and small revenue opportunities that keep customers engaged and coming back, so you grow conversion and ROI.

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Quantum Metric has helped us be more agile and deliver new product features, with considerable cross-team adoption

With its real time data, Quantum Metric gives us the ability to make decisions that have immediate and direct impact on revenue.

Quantum Metric enables top retail and e-commerce brands to

Increase conversion and revenue

Instantly identify and quantify conversion blockers and opportunities based on business impact.

Identify and reduce friction faster

Automatically detect customer struggle with algorithms that capture behavioral and technical friction.

Rapidly improve and iterate

Define better hypothesis, validate tests in real-time, and detect issues before production.

Canadian Tire increases online revenue and customer satisfaction

With Quantum Metric, Canadian Tire identified coupon code usage patterns among their bargain hunter segment. The e-commerce team made a change that increased the conversion rate of this segment by as much as 40% on certain days.

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Use Quantum Metric to answer business questions

E-commerce and Product
  • What is promoting or detracting from conversion on this product detail page?
  • What is causing customers to fall out of our new BOPAC flow?
  • Where does poor page performance impact conversion most and what’s causing it?
  • How should we prioritize this technical error given the current backlog?
  • How many other customers were impacted by the same issue described in this survey response?
  • Is this the most important customer complaint to address today?


Mizuno drives team alignment

Mizuno uses Quantum Metric to get alignment on and communicate digital priorities across stakeholders. The e-commerce analytics team curates data-driven opportunities specific to each page and campaign, in order to increase conversion and revenue across the site overall.

We can support your major digital initiatives


Ensure the success of major launches real-time, quantified insights before and after the switch.

Peak Seasons

Quantified, real-time monitoring gives you the confidence to release and iterate quickly.


Deliver the right action at the right time with real-time triggers based off customer behavior and/or friction.

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