Don't let data distract you from your customers.

Fast, actionable insights, and less worrying whether the important things were measured. Now you can become a customer-centric enabler for your organization.

Analytics to action

Automatically quantify frustration.

Investigate the causes of customer friction and quantify the revenue impact of friction with one click.

Contextualize VOC feedback.

For any single one negative experience, replay the customer friction, size the scope of the issue, and identify which segments were impacted.

Optimize the customer journey.

Reduce abandonment and improve customer satisfaction with proactive friction detection across web and mobile app.

Optimize marketing campaigns.

Visualize bounce behavior, understand attribution and incrementality, optimize content, and improve retargeting.

Why Quantum Metric.

Get to the “why” of customer behavior.

No more tagging. Just immediate answers.

Democratize insights so you spend more time empowering teams.

Connect with the tools you use every day.